How to change the orientation of Cantonese text?

If you ever needed or ever wanted to change the orientation of Cantonese text, we have created a convertor that will make the task a lot easier!

By default, text is written from left to right. But simply type your text into our convertor, and it will flip it for you in an instant. This resource is really useful if, for example, you wanted to create mirror images of Cantonese text, or you wanted to reverse the direction of Cantonese text.

As well as left-to-right/right-to-left conversion, we've also created some other options for this convertor. If you input text left-to-right, you can also change the text to Top-to-bottom (going left-to-right) or Top-to-bottom (text going right-to-left).

With this resource you'll then be able to export the Cantonese as text, as an image or as a PDF.


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