Create printable word searches using Chinese stroke order

This new web app creates difficult printable "word searches" that follow the order of strokes used to write Cantonese (Chinese) characters. This can help with writing difficult Cantonese characters and can also be used as a study tool. This new tool can create different word searches depending on the level of difficulty, making it perfect for both intermediate-level students and above. Due to the level of difficulty of recognizing the character from the stroke order, it is unlikely to be suitable for Cantonese beginners. 

To get started, enter the characters that you want followed by a space. Next, choose the size of grid you want. You can order the Cantonese word searches from top to bottom, left to right, and diagonally (up and down). This way, if the character has 7 strokes, it will appear across 7 squares. You can also create a separate answer sheet that highlights the answers in different colors.

This resource turns learning Cantonese into a fun game! It can also be used by the students on their own -  they can mark their won answers against an answer sheet.

If you enjoy these "word searches" we have lots of other learn Cantonese worksheets like fill in the gap and create empty spaces as well as to create Cantonese Chinese number bingo sheets.


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