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We are adding new Cantonese learning tools all the time and our newest tools have some great worksheet creators as well as other Cantonese learning tools:

Cantonese Stroke Order  - Look up Cantonese words and see the stroke order. You can also change the colour and speed of the stroke order and see Jyutping.

Cantonese to Jyutping - This tool turns Cantonese into Jyutping which is one of the main romanisations for Cantonese. Just enter the Chinese text (in traditional or simplified) and it will output the Jyutping.

Cantonese text read aloud - This tool turns Cantonese text into sound which is one of the main romanisations for Cantonese. Just enter the Chinese text (in traditional or simplified) and it will output how the text sounds in Cantonese. You can also enter things using jyutping notation if you want to hear it read aloud.

Change Cantonese Numbers into Arabic numbers - Cantonese numbers can be hard so just put a Cantonese number in this tool and you can see what the Arabic number is. You can also have an Arabic number turned into a Cantonese number with or without jyutping to help pronounce it.

Cantonese Text to font - Choose the font and then choose the colours and enter the text and you can see Cantonese Chinese text as an image. This is useful for people who want to print their Cantonese name or their computer can't show Chinese characters.

Cantonese to Mandarin text - This tool turns Cantonese into Mandarin by changing characters from traditional to simplified Chinese and vice versa.

Cantonese to Unicode tool - Also Unicode to Cantonese and Jyutping to Unicode.

Count Cantonese Characters - Find out how many Chinese characters, English letters etc.

Cantonese worksheet tools:

Create Word Searches with Cantonese Stroke Order - This new tool creates very hard "word searches" with Cantonese Chinese stroke order. The word searches can be ordered from top to bottom, left to right and diagonally (up and down). So if the character has 10 strokes, it will appear across 10 squares. You can also print an "answers" sheet highlighting the words.

Create Cantonese Worksheets - Tool to create worksheets with stroke order for Cantonese. Also option to add Jyutping below and loads of things that can be customised.

Create Spaces in Cantonese Sentences - This is a tool to create worksheets with spaces for students to put their own answers. You click on a word in a piece of text and then that word is put in brackets with a space before for the student to write their answer. An English example might be: I like eating ________(food).

Rearrange Cantonese Sentences - This changes the orders of sentences in Cantonese Chinese so that students can work out which order the words appear in. Option to print an answers sheet as well as how many without answers sheets you want.

Cantonese Number Bingo Sheet Creator - Create bingo sheets by typing arabic numbers and the size of the grid that you want. These will then appear as Cantonese Chinese numbers in the bingo sheets. Option to print sheets with and without answers.

Cantonese Random Number Bingo Sheet Creator  - Same tool as above but this doesn't need you to put the numbers in, you just put the range of numbers you want and they are randomly generated.

Learn Cantonese Discounts - Some great learn Cantonese discounts.

Chinese New Year Scrolls - Create sets of  春聯 (3 banners) with lots of different options and text from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

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