How to convert Cantonese to Unicode?

You can use this resource to convert your Cantonese text to Unicode. You can also convert Jyutping to Unicode. 

Cantonese is a traditional character script with around three and four thousand characters in common usage. Not all platforms or operating systems do not properly support Cantonese characters and not all will have Cantonese characters installed, which can cause difficulties. To get around this, Unicode is used.

Unicode is primarily used online as a way of making sure that the characters display correctly (ie non-Roman words, accents etc). Unicode helps to make sure that websites can be displayed properly with the Chinese characters. This standard is what ensures that you can view Cantonese characters correctly on a website, even if your computer doesn't have Chinese fonts installed.

Unicode was intended to solve all encoding problems over all languages. Unicode can be used to express symbols, alphabetic characters and ideographic characters simultaneously.The Unicode standard is constantly being updated to include new characters, and the most recent version includes over 110,000 different characters.

Just enter the Cantonese text you want to convert to Unicode in the box below and click "Convert".


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