This is a resource to help you learn Cantonese numbers and to help convert Cantonese numbers into standard numbers and standard numbers into Cantonese and with the option of jyutping.

Cantonese numbers are not difficult to learn. In fact, once you know how to count from 1-10 in Cantonese, you can easily count up to 100. The key is to understand the structure of Cantonese numbers and how they are used in relation to standard Arabic numerals (1-9, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000). 

To begin learning Cantonese numbers, start with 1-10. The number "1" in Cantonese is "jat1". When you have learnt 1-10 then it will mean that you know almost all the numbers up to 100!
This is because numbers in Cantonese are the same and just show how they multiple. So it's 8 - 10 -  8 for 88 in Cantonese(八十八) and 3-10-5 for 35 in Cantonese (三十五).

Once you know 1-99 in Cantonese, then you can learn hundred in Cantonese which is 百, you just add the number before so 500 is 五百。 If you want 535, you just add the 500 to 35 so 五百三十五.

If you put the Cantonese number in the left hand side, whether Arabic (ie 123323) or Cantonese (ie 一十二萬三千三百二十三) you can convert the following:

  • Arabic numbers to Cantonese numbers
  • Arabic numbers to Cantonese with jyutping (for romanisation)
  • Cantonese numbers to Arabic numbers.


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